Sheila’s August Spotlight

I can’t believe it’s August already. Summer always seems to go by so quickly. I guess it’s because we are only blessed with the warm sunshine for such a short period of time here in the northeast, that we try to make the three months of summer last even longer. Even though this year we have had more rain than sun, I think most of us love this time of year. It’s time for vacations, outings, picnics, festivals, all kinds of enjoyable times. So, when I hear August I think, oh no…not yet, I don’t want it to end.
Let’s face it, summer is synonymous with vacation and travel and this summer has certainly blessed us with travelers looking for that great meal from the road. Route 19 is notorious for having lots of families pass through heading to their camp sites or taking advantage of some great fishing in the area, while others are on their way to a destination along the way and find us as a short stop just off Route 80. I have met all kinds of people, from boys and girls in baseball leagues traveling for championship games, to men and women on motorcycles stopping by on a bike run, as well as people heading to the outlet mall to get some great shopping deals. Each and every one with their own stories of how the summer is going for them. Most everyone with a common bond, taking advantage of a little time off spending it with family and friends.
This year marks the 40th anniversary for the Iron Bridge Inn. In 1979 the restaurant began as an out of the way destination where you could be assured of a cold draft beer and a good burger. Through the years, it grew, gaining momentum in popularity with people traveling. One might say it’s off the beaten path, a location you would only visit if you knew about it or happened upon it. Back then, the way to learn about a good place to eat was from someone that would tell you about their experience, and word spread. People began traveling to the Iron Bridge to get this amazing Prime Rib that they heard about in this country setting just outside of Mercer, PA.
I of course was a child back then but learned of the “Bridge” in the 80’s as a place my family from Butler, PA would make a point to travel to for special occasions. My earliest memory, I can still see the crowd of people waiting to get in as everyone was in line to get a seat at this prestigious place. I sat on the front bench kicking my impatient legs, starving inside, begging my grandmother to find out how much longer it would take for us to get in, and she would tell me that all good things come to those who wait. My adolescent bother would certainly not get in the way of my grandfather getting his great piece of Prime Rib he traveled so far for, so I would just have to sit there and wait until it was our turn to get our table. Once inside, the environment was filled with great music, people laughing and the smell of that amazing Prime Rib everyone spoke so highly of. I never was sure if my grandfather ordered the biggest cut to consume during these visits or if it was always his intention of having a left over for the following day. I think he would eat it cold right out the fridge the next morning, it was that good. And it still is.
Although times have changed, some things have remained the same. It is our dedication to provide the same dining experience with the same expectation of a meal well-traveled for. As a way of paying homage to what the Iron Bridge does best, every Tuesday you can get a wonderful 14 oz. cut for just $19.79. You may have to travel just a bit to get to this location, but one thing we’ve added is a way for you to get in line before you come by visiting our website at Just click “Join the Waitlist” and select the Iron Bridge Inn. You will now find our other locations with the same access including online reservations at the Springfield Grilles.
Thanks to all the readers that tell me they read our newsletter. It is you, our customers, that help to make a story come to life.


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