Dinner Menu

Long toasted olive oil & sea salted crostini topped with chopped Maine lobster, Pacific crab, Gulf shrimp with lemon saffron aioli, diced raw leeks & taragon
Blank Stare Sauvignon Blance

Creamy Pheasant Soup
Slow roasted pulled pheasant, fresh chopped vegetables, wild rice, silky vermouth cream sauce
Mannequin Chardonnay

Braised Bison Ragu
Garlic, rosemary & cherry braised bison in a rich demi-glace tomato sauce atop roasted eggplat ravioli
Slander Pinot Noir

Blackberry Elk Flank Steak
Apple cider marinated elk flank steak fire grilled, savory blackberry cognac demi-glace, sweet potato bread pudding
Mercury Head Cabernet SAuvignon

Chocolate caramel & hazelnut torte with double chocolate swirl custard
Machete Red Blend

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